COVID-19 Policies for Summer 2022

Updated, as of June 22; subject to change
Every Play Week applicant is asked to review these policies carefully. While we all hope the COVID-19 situation will change for the better by July, at this time we need all participants to be willing to comply with these requirements in order to safely sustain a weeklong in-person workshop. 
These policies are based on our consultations with infectious disease specialists and on guidelines and requirements issued by the CDC, the university venues, and/or the states or local governments. These rules are effective as of June 22, 2022, and are subject to change, as the ever-evolving conditions warrant. Please check back here regularly for updates.
Detailed instructions related to these guidelines will be sent to all participants who are registered and accepted into the program.
  • All applicants must be fully vaccinated AND boosted and have passed the two-week post-vaccination waiting period.

    • You will be asked to send a copy of your vaccination card with your application.

    • The number and timing of boosters should be according to the latest recommendations by the CDC. Please continue to stay up-to-date on these guidelines, since it is possible that by July some people may need updated boosters. 

  • You will need to supply proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test prior to the workshop; in addition, rapid testing will be required at the workshop.

    • A PCR test should be done within 3 days prior to the start of the workshop.

    • Rapid testing will be required at the workshop site prior to admittance to the registration area.

    • If you are traveling by air to the workshop, please contact us for additional precautions.

  • Mask wearing is required in ALL indoor spaces at ALL times, other than the following exceptions:​ when playing a wind instrument; when eating or drinking; or when alone in your dorm room or bathroom.

    • Mask wearing is at your discretion outdoors IF you are with other Play Week attendees and able to maintain a distance of six feet or more.

    • Masks should be worn outdoors if you are with people who are not members of our Play Week group or if you cannot maintain sufficient distancing.

    • Masks must be well-fitting, fully covering mouth and nose without gaps. We request that you use KN95 or N95 masks, readily available on amazon and elsewhere. (They are in fact more comfortable when they fit well!). We will have a limited supply of KN95s available, but you should bring your own supply sufficient to change your mask regularly during the week.

  • Large-Group Gatherings and Socializing:

    • When the workshop nears, we will decide based on conditions at the time whether to hold large-group gatherings like "multiples" and evening socializing. 

    • The above masking guidelines would apply to these gatherings as well.

  • Housing:

    • Bedrooms within suites will as usual be single-occupancy (other than for couples attending together), and we will strive to reduce the number of roommates to 2 or 3, according to venue requirements.​

    • As mentioned above, masks and distancing should be observed in the suites' common living areas.

  • Limiting Exposure:

    • Prior to the workshop, please take every precaution (masking, distancing, etc.) to avoid exposure to COVID-19 for the ten days before arrival.

    • While at the workshop, we request that you minimize interactions with people not with our group and limit off-campus outings. If you do leave campus, please be overly cautious, wear a mask, distance, and avoid dining indoors at restaurants.

  •  You are required to notify us immediately:

    • If within ten days prior to the workshop's start date you experience any of the following: possible COVID-19 symptoms, a positive COVID-19 test, close exposure to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or having to isolate or quarantine. ​

    • If while at the workshop you experience possible COVID-19 symptoms or close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

    • If within ten days after the workshop's final day you experience COVID-19 symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19.

    • While we "require" these notifications, we must trust that all participants will in fact abide by these requirements. We realize what a serious upset it can be if you cannot come or must go home during the workshop, but we are on the honor system that each person will act responsibly at all times.

  • While we will have rapid tests available, we ask that each person bring several rapid text kits with him/her/them if possible.

  • Each participant must have a plan in place to leave the workshop as soon as possible if you test COVID-positive during the workshop (something helpful to have in general, in the event of any type of illness or emergency).

    • You may feel well enough to drive home, but you need to have a back-up plan (an arrangement with family or friends) in the event you are not feeling well enough to do so. 

  • All participants, faculty, and staff will be required to sign a venue COVID-related "hold harmless" statement at time of registration.

  • Please note that we have no control over the percentage of college employees who will be vaccinated.

Specific Guidelines for Wind Players

  • We will assign group play for winds in rooms that are large and well ventilated, and we ask that you do the same in any "pick-up playing" situations.

  • During all coachings, rehearsals, and performance, the condensate inherent in playing wind instruments must be contained and controlled. Specifically, any cleaning string or similar device run through any instrument to clear condensate must be stored in a closable airtight container to be supplied by the musician. The container must be handled ONLY by the musician, and should be disposed of or emptied and properly cleaned as soon as possible.