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COVID-19 Policies for Summer 2023

As of March 2023; subject to change

Our goal in creating these guidelines is for everyone to arrive without COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses and return home without them, while allowing us to have a wonderful week together. We will adjust the policies as necessary depending on the ever-evolving public health situation and CDC guidelines.

At this time, we anticipate the following:

  • Up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination and boosters required for all staff and participants. ("Up-to-date" may differ by individual situation; if you believe your situation is an exception please contact us.)

  • Possible COVID-19 testing beforehand, depending on the situation at the time.

  • Masking optional, in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


We will continue to offer and encourage as much outdoor socializing and eating opportunities as possible. 


We will provide further guidance as necessary as the workshop dates approach.

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