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"A magical musical experience with top notch coaches who have just the right approaach for amateur players."

Anne Seltzer

Play Week East

"Great people, great music! Just gets better year after year."

Teresa Brandt

Play Week Maryland

"Play Week is like a well oiled machine, humming along with perfect pitch! There are just too many good things to say about it to fit it into one sentence.  The camaraderie, support, enthusiasm, motivation, organization that it exudes while being surrounded by others who share a love for music is a week of sheer bliss!"

Kay Danzico

Play Week East

"The Play Week workshops give me a chance to stretch my skills in a non-competitive atmosphere."

Sandra Hunt

Play Week East & Play Week VA

"This is a really rich musical experience. The participants are warm, friendly, and inclusive, regardless of playing level. David and Ronda are kind, thoughtful, and genuinely nice people who run the program efficiently and well."


Ginny Strasser

Play Week Maryland

"Play Week is extremely well organized and provides fabulous chamber music experiences for players across many levels."

Cindy Emmans

Play Week Maryland

"A rare combination of musical excellence and a relaxed supportive atmosphere."

Hazel Murphy

Play Week East

"Great music! Great people! Great fun!”

Mary Fran

Play Week East and

Play Week West

"All of the coaches were superb. Each has a unique approach so that the effect is synergistic. I can’t say enough positive things about them."


Steve Hessl

Play Week Virginia and

Play Week West

“I had a delightful week. You and your staff were excellent and the attendees were a cohesive, warm and thoroughly enjoyable group. Thanks to you for working so very hard to ensure our enjoyment, thank you for sharing openly of your talents, and thank you for your perpetual encouragement of all attendees.”

Steve Zeibovitz

Play Week East

"The coaching makes this the best workshop in the country."

Helen Boisen

Play Week Virginia

"The positive and enthusiastic tone set by David and Ronda from the Welcome Meeting and throughout the week makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated, no matter what their level of playing."

Lindsay Lambe

Play Week Maryland

"The coaches built on our strengths and gave us challenging but realistic goals and techniques."

Heidi Vierow

Play Week Maryland

"What a wonderful experience, full of warm friendship and inspiration. I'm still walking on clouds a full month later."

Donald McCracken

Play Week West

"Excellent format, well organized, outstanding coaches’ concert."

Jean Sedlar

Play Week East

"A great week with wonderful people and coaches. I especially loved the coaches concert. BRAVO!"

Lois Rosenberg

Play Week Maryland

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